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Hello, I'm glad you're here!  That tells me that you are a small business owner and looking for some great, affordable marketing tips, tools and ideas that will take your spa/salon to the next level.  I understand the frustrations and affordability concerns that come with owning and operating a business (in my case, two spa businesses) and I want to share with you some things that helped me build my clientelle and KEEP them!  With chain massage spa/businesses popping up everywhere, it's been a challenge to compete - but I've managed to succeed and I want to show you how with these simple and affordable tools that are available to you and your business.  Whether you have a full service salon or spa; or you're an independent booth renter needing to keep your chair or table occupied; or you're a makeup or lash artist needing to fill your books - I want to help! 

A LITTLE ABOUT ME:  I started as a licensed massage therapist back in 1998 and eventually became licensed as an aesthetician in 2005.  Before opening my first day spa in 2009, I became specialized in pregnancy massage and taught small classes on the benefits of massage during pregnancy along with infant massage classes within the local Baby's R'Us stores  and small groups in San Antonio.  This eventually let me to start teaching the massage therapy course at St. Philips College for a few years. 

In 2005, Baptist Health System asked me to assist them with a Post-Partum program they wanted to start within their hospitals and I was honored to be a pioneer in the industry to begin the first program offering post-partum massage to women who delivered within the Baptist Health Care system.  I soon trademarked the name MOMease™ Massage and my business increased tremendously with this niche.  That same year, I became licensed as an aesthetician and fell in love with the skincare line I chose for my practice, PCA Skin.  Soon after I was hired by PCA Skin as their San Antonio and Austin educator - teaching 2 hour courses on chemical peels and product knowledge.  My love and passion for teaching was excelerated when I began working for PCA Skin and my business soon became more than I could handle as an independent booth renter.   I opened my first spa in 2009 with my namesake and my services have remained within my scope of licensed practices.  My second spa opened in 2014.  At NEVA we offer over 24 different types of facials/peels/microdermabrasion; therapeutic massage; and our specialty and trademarked service MOMease™ Massage and all of my employees are trained by me personally.

I have been a mentor to many of my previous students (and even employed some of them) and I've seen them move on to do great things.  Now, I'm ready to share this knowledge and passion with you.  ARE YOU READY?  Are you willing to take time and apply some of these simple steps and stratagies to grow your business?  If the answer is YES....Keep Reading!


PITFALLS & MISTAKES: I'll go over 7 key areas that can hold back your business from being a realy competitor in this industry.

TRENDS: I will share up-to- date trends and predictions in the spa industry so that you're not left behind.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE & EXPECATIONS:  L-E-S-S  is MORE!! A critical responsibility that positively represents your spa is the {L}ook, {E}xperience, {S}ound and {S}mell you create for your customer the moment they call and walk into your spa.

MARKETING TOOLS & TIPS:  Brand Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Grassroots Marketing, OH MY!  I will share easy and affordable tips, tools and business strategies that will convert to new customers.  THIS IS POWERFUL, USEFUL AND AFFORDABLE INFORMATION!

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I look forward to seeing you at the webinar and I want to help you succeed by sharing my experience, knowledge and passion for small business owners in the spa/salon industry!