Microblading is a form of tattooing where pigment is implanted under the skin with a blade-like tool.  Microblading is less invasive than tattooing.  The technique allows the technician to mimic the natural hair growth with these fine artistic strokes.

MICROBLADING IS A TWO TREATMENT PROCESS:  The initial process takes approximately 2 hrs and is relatively painless - approximately 45 min's is spent designing and mapping out the shape you desire and time to numb your skin. The enhancement treatment is done between 6-8 weeks after initial treatment to enhance areas that will have healed lighter and/or possibly scabbed.  This process typically takes just over an hour and will give you the final and best result for your eyebrows.

Post-treatment will leave your skin slightly red and in some cases very mild swelling with the healing process taking approximately 10 days.

Microblading is not recommended for those with hyper-sensitive skin, high grades of acne, extremely oily skin, broken capillaries, dermatitis/very dry skin, scar easily/keloid prone and moles (in the area of brows)

IMPORTANT:  When booking your  appointment we ask if you mention whether you have previously pigmented or tattooed brows.  We cannot guarantee the results of re-working a previous tattoo but will do our best to determine if we are able to help with microblading.  In some cases, re-work or color corrections will require additional sessions and will be charged accordingly.  In other cases, we will not be able to assist with microblading without having the original tattoo lasered completely off.


Avoid using retinols (or other skin topicals), avoid taking aspirin, blood thinners and the intake of alchohol, caffiene and energy drinks the day of your treatment.


To avoid complications the next 10 days after treatment should observe the following post-care instructions.  No sun tanning (beds or outdoors), no sweating/gym workouts (first 24 hrs after treatment), no make-up on the brow area, no anti-age creams/retinols on or near the brow area, no picking or pulling of skin or scab area if it appears, avoid scratching or itching brow area.  We ask that you avoid washing the treated area with anti-age ingredient based cleansers for the first 24 hours.


The healing process can take up to 14 days....and every skin type is not the same.  The healing process vary's depending on the skintype and how well you take care of your brows during the initial 10 days.  Typically, it will take a good 4-6 weeks for the brows to settle into your skin.  This healed look will be much different the initial treatment as color can fade up to 60% and appear blotchy in some areas.  However, after the follow up "enhancement" treatment is highly recommended  in order to achieve the perfect look you desire.

ALLERGIES: If you are allergic to any of the following ingredients, you may not be a candidate for Microblading.  Please consult with your physician before scheduling an appointment.  Iron Oxide is an ingredient used in the pigment. The following ingredients may also be included:  Mercury Sulfide, Ferric Hydrate, Aluminum and Manganese and allergies to the numbing topical (Benzocaine/Lidocaine/Tetracaine) and latex.


$375.00 Initial Treatment

$150 deposit is required at time of booking (must be cancelled 48 hours before scheduled appt for $100 refund)

FOLLOW UP/ENHANCEMENT  between 6-8wks of initial treatment $150*

CORRECTIVE SERVICE:  For those who received Microblading from another technician FEE starting at $200 (price may be higher)

Full price for Microblading after 12 months of initial service.

FREE CONSULTATION FOR INITIAL SERVICE ($25 Fee will incur if failure to give 24hr notice of cancellation)


601 East Dewey, SATX  78212

For initial treatment and follow up touch ups:  A 48 hours notice of cancellation and/or reschudule is required.  Failure to do so will result in the $150 deposit to be forfeited for the initial treatment or the follow up enhancement treatment.  Appointments cancelled two or more times will be subject to being charged the full price of service - regardless if a 48 hours notice given.



  • HOT COMPRESS:  Applying a warm compress just before waxing will ease the discomfort of this service by softening the skin and opening up the follicle for easy hair removal. 
  • CLEANLINESS:  Please arrive freshly showered for your body waxing appointment.
  • LOTIONS/CREAMS:  We appreciate you arriving clean for your waxing appointment - please refrain from using any body lotions/creams - oily skin and wax do not mix.
  • LENGTH OF HAIR:  For optimal results - the hair should be 1/4" or 1/2" long for all body waxing.
  • WHAT TO WEAR:  Loose clothing is recommended to avoid skin irritation after the service.
  • MENSTRUAL CYCLE:  During this cycle, the skin will always be more sensitive (even with facial chemical peels).  We recommend that you make your appointment a few days before or after your cycle to avoid added sensitivity.  If you schedule your appointment during this time - tampons is recommended.
  • PAIN MANAGEMENT:  If you are concerned with level of your pain tolerance and you are able to take Ibuprofen, we recommend you take this approximately 30-45 minutes before your appointment.



Eyebrows        $18

Lip                    $12

Chin                 $10

Nostrils           $10

Ears                 $12

Sideburns       $19

Full Face         $48


Brazilin                    $55+  (EVERY WEDNESDAY 15% OFF)

Bikini                       $35+ (EVERY WEDNESDAY 15% OFF)

Thong                       $45+

Full Leg w/bikini   $95

Half Leg                   $45

Full Arms                 $55

Forearms                 $30

Underarms              $28

Nape                         $10


Upper Back & Shoulders       $65

Full Back & Shoulders           $100+

Chest                                         $55+

Chest & Abs/Belly                  $90+

Prices and service may change at any time without notice.