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SAn Antonio Magazine - JAN 2015 (read about it here)  voted best day spa, massage, facials and waxing

San Antonio Magazine - aUG 2014

Farm to face organic facial  cLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

If you’re a farm-to-table foodie who also loves a good facial, give the Farm to Face Facial a try at Neva Face + Body. The treatment uses the all-natural Laurel Whole Plant Organics products, which are made of dehydrated plants. The ingredients list is as simple as it gets—included in the Almond Grain facial exfoliant (pictured) are almonds, oats, adzuki bean, chamomile, rose petal, red clover, marshmallow and essential oils of rose and rose geranium.



A small-business owner in the world of massage chains and corporate luxury spas, Neva likes to think of her namesake venture as more of a partner in healthy living.  Beyond skin care and general massage, Neva is especially known for her pregnancy and postpartum therapeutic massages.

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San Antonio Magazine- BEST FACIAL SPa 2011 

BEST FACIAL SPA - Reader's and Editor's Pick:  Bigger isn't always better in the beauty world.  Personalized service in a relaxing, intimate setting is what makes NEVA the secret among SA's beauty insiders.   Customized treatment plans, top-of-the-line products, and a menu of soothing and rejuvenating facials help us put our best face forward.  


San Antonio Magazine EDITORS PICK- Best in city-Facials 2011

As fun as home remedies are, only a Micro-Oxygen Facial will do when it comes to reducing enlarged pores and fine lines. The Neva staff’s favorite microdermabrasion treatment exfoliates and increases circulation while repairing cell damage. No unfriendly free radicals knocking on this door.

San Antonio Magazine article- JAN 2010

For those who treat their bodies like temples, here's a new place to worship. Owner Neva Fernandez lends her name and expertise to NEVA face and body, offering a variety of traditional face and body treatments at her "very cute" new digs. Neva is also certified to perform prenatal and postpartum massage, not on the average spa menu. Fernandez (a massage therapist, college educator and aesthetician) and the NEVA staff are among the few to offer the treatment, which can improve blood flow and ease the effects of hormones for expectant and new mommies. Locally, Fernandez partners with Baptist Health Systems to give postpartum massage for maternity ward patients. "Some pregnant women can't take medicine to relieve pain, so there has to be an alternatiave for them," says Fernandez. The spa name spells out another area of expertise: skin care, specifically for the face, where acne, sun damage and other issues are addressed with a holistic approach. "Spreading the philosophy of healing through massage therapy and educating people about their skin and bodies is something I hope to accomplish with my business," Fernandez says. It's a philosophy that goes beyond skin deep.
-Daphne Barahona


Voted BEST MASSAGE 2010 by SpaWeek voters and San Antonio Magazine - Reader's Choice




Innovative business owners find fertile ground here. Neva Face and Body, an upscale spa that recently relocated to the edge of Tobin Hill’s historic district, on East Dewey Place, re-imagined an old office building into an oasis. Across the street the G2 Haus is a main attraction. A remodeled 1948 “modernist” building was transformed by G2 Interior + Lighting Designers. Now two furnished one-bedroom apartments are available for rent and marketed as hotel alternatives to visitors.

The vibe in Tobin Hill is friendly, nostalgic and quirky, with well-used sidewalks that lead from house to house and through unique commercial pockets. Most homes in the area were built between 1900 and 1930. Many maintain the architectural integrity and character of the historic district. Plenty of houses in need of TLC make the market ripe for homeowners looking to renovate as values rise.  Leaders in Tobin Hill are claiming a rebirth for the community once forgotten by those who looked north for greener pastures and zip codes. Now at the heart of a growing arts district, young professionals, artists, musicians, visionaries and investors looking to raise the profile of one of the city’s earliest subdivisions populate the diverse neighborhood.


February 2006

North central baptist offers massage to new mothers

It's been two days since Veronyka Bass' Caesarean-section delivery at North Central Baptist Hospital, and she has been feeling a burning pain in her abdomen whenever the painkillers wear off.
But as massage therapist Neva Fernandez swirls a blend of grape-seed oil, lavender and eucalyptus on her back and neck, that pain is only a memory.
"How do you feel?" Fernandez asks the new mom, who is lying in her hospital bed, staring dreamily out the window.
"I feel good," she replies, as her new son Anthony Armani naps in his nearby bassinette and her husband, Cleon Bass, looks on. "I'm going to sleep now."
"You deserve it," Fernandez says.
Bass is one of hundreds of new mothers who have received a free, 15-minute massage at the hospital after giving birth.
Hospital officials said the postpartum massage program, which began a year ago, can alleviate pain associated with childbirth, combat postpartum depression, help with breastfeeding and increase overall energy.
"We are a massage friendly hospital," said Jay Duval, vice president of business development. "We just see the benefits of it."
Even the blend of oil used on the mothers has healing properties, said Fernandez, whose business, Massage for Everyone, provides the massages seven days a week.
The grape-seed oil base provides nourishing vitamin E for the skin, the lavender promotes relaxation and eucalyptus is great for sore muscles, she said.
But being touched is powerful, too.
"We know exactly where they hurt without them even having to tell us," Fernandez said. "It helps them to relax."
Nurses working in the postpartum unit said almost all of the women who give birth at North Central Baptist take advantage of the program.
"The first thing they ask for is the lactation consultant and massage therapist," said Amy Ramos, a registered nurse lactation consultant.
Fernandez said she is proud that the hospital has embraced postpartum massage and believes it is a signal that the health-care industry is starting to recognize the medical benefits of massage.
Veronyka Bass also is glad that massage is available at North Central Baptist.
"I like this hospital," she said. "I paid cash to stay here, so I am like, 'What else is free?'"
But watching Fernandez gently knead the tension away from his wife's back has left Cleon Bass a little envious.
"That was a great service," he said to Fernandez. "But you really need to work on the husband part."